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BRONZE coaching package - $249 per month

This is our entry level coaching package and gets you started will Real Deal Racing. For this low monthly fee we will provide you will an entire month of detailed and specific cycling workouts to suit your training needs. We will provide you with:     One thing to keep in mind when you are hiring us to provide your cycling coaching is that we are living the dream right with you.  Our coaches are devoted cyclists and racers and we are dealing with everything you are dealing with right here right now. Kids, family, business etc.. we are juggling the same lifestyle you are juggling and we can show you how to get it all done and done well.   You can get expert advice and know we are practicing what we preach because we will be making our kids lunches just like you and we just might even line up together on race day.  I think this gives us an advantage as we are not going back in time trying to remember what you are going through. We can share and enjoy the journey together because we are still very much in the game.  I hope we might even share a podium one day!
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