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GOLD Coaching Package

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Gold Coaching Package - $500


This is the package you choose when you need a lot of our time. Our Gold members are treated like...well...Gold!

Gold means you want us to be on the other end of the phone at all hours of the day. What you'd choose when you want one-on-one instruction and you don't want to pay $65-$100 an hour for it.
Gold is the ultimate coaching experience with Real Deal

  • Detailed training evaluation
  • A weekly training program
  • Detailed goal setting
  • Determine training zones
  • Enables you to spend a lot of quality time with your coach
  • One-on-one coaching¬†with a big discount on the hourly personal training rates and motor pacing
  • Tactics, strategy, bike handling, and pre-riding race courses

  • Fast track your way to the top with this package!

    Silver Coaching Package
    Bronze Coaching Package