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About Us

RealDeal Racing is coaching at it's finest


"I really put my heart and soul into my athletes and I truly believe I have found what I was meant to do with my life,

I love being a coach"

- Ed Veal - RealDeal Coach



No matter what sport your coaching, being a coach is quite simple.  You are basically giving information, waiting for a response, and then giving feedback on that response. On top of guidance and help with the basics it is up to the coach to deal with everyone he works with individually and have his or her athletes in the right frame of mind.  Our coaching style is very much about the mental game and having the clients learn as much about themselves as they possibly can.  We find helping people achieve success in sport very rewarding but really enjoy helping all our athletes grow as people and live balanced lives as well as dominate in there specific sport.


Real Deal Racing started because Ed found people were interested in how he was having so much success and what his specific workouts were. Different people were asking if they could ride along with him and they were also asking for more and more of his time. He found himself working with others and helping them whenever he could but never thought of it as anything other than being friendly and doing the same as the faster riders had done for him in the past. As he got faster people started asking more questions. The more races he won, the more people there were standing around his car after a race bouncing ideas off of him. He soon began to realize that there was a need and people were more interested than originally thought. Soon he had a guy ask if he would take him on as a client and coach him.  He did and hasn't looked back since.
What started as a part-time job coaching has now turned into a full-time business and we couldn't be happier!  

RealDeal Racing is a lot more than just coaching!

- We organize OCA sanctioned events like the Hell of the North and in the past we have organized the Georgian 200, The Brunel TT, The Real Deal Youth Cup and the Horseshoe CX Classic - We organized charity events like the RIDEALLDAY For United Way and the Seasons Center in Barrie - We have partnered with a very well run cycling club - The MGCC that has weekly rides, meetings and they enter tours and charity events together all across Ontario. - We sell bikes, equipment and state-of-the-art trainers including Wahoo Kickr's and Computrainer systems - We operate RealDeal Performance computrainer studio located inside JoyRide150 bike park - We run a weekly Time Trial series "The TNTT" every Thursday all year long - indoors and outdoors - We offer Personal Training. We train athletes, not just cyclists! - We have an elite racing team, RealDeal Racing that competes all over North America. - We offer guided Training Camps and Trips to California, North Carolina and Florida in the off season
And, of course, last but not least...
We are a coaching business