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California Cycling Trip 2017

Dates to be confirmed 


Start planning now for Encinitas, California! Real Deal will be back in January 2017 for a sixth year in a row  and we really hope you can join us.


7 Day Cycling Trip with certified RealDeal coaches


We're be returning to California this January! On the trip we'll be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in the fabulous Encinitas, California just north of San Diego. Will include a flexible itinerary of coaching, training, socializing, and 2 famous organized rides including the Wednesday Marine Corps Base Camp Ride Pendleton & Saturday, the world famous Swami's Ride!





A great friend and RealDeal coaching client James Macdonald lives in the area and will be our tour guide while down there.

"Hey everyone,
You gotta come a ride with me here in Cali. There are two amazing group rides that we'll do at the camp. In January it is very likely that Chris Horner and several domestic pros will be on these rides with upwards of 60-100 local riders! Having said that, these challenging group rides will pale in comparison to the private rides we will do as a group. The geography varies so much that one day we will ride through jungle like forest and the next up desert climbs. After a hard day in the saddle there is no better feeling than descending to the blue waters of the Pacific and riding along the coast! I'm sincerely excited for everyone who comes and enjoys that experience!
After riding there will be lots of things to do and see and the weather is usually good and sunny in January. Although it gets cold at night, around 5 degrees sometimes, it will warm into the high teens or low 20's during the day. When we ride up Palomar Mountain we'll likely encounter snow towards the 6000 ft summit so bring your warm stuff! I suggest a snowball fight at the top and then a few hours later a dip in the ocean just to say you did it!! I've got surf boards for those who want to give it a try!!"
- James