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Frequently Asked Questions

If these don't answer your questions, feel free to contact us at


1. What are my options for coaching?
RealDeal offers 3 different coaching packages: Bronze, Silver, and Gold

2. How much does coaching cost?
Our prices on coaching range from $200 - $500 per month. Services like Motor Pacing, Personal Training, etc. are not included.

3. How can I sign up for coaching?
To sign up for coaching just send an email to the coach you're interested in (coaches) and we will schedule an initial assessment. This is an information gathering session where you can learn about the coach and their philosophies.

**This is a 90-minute session that costs $100

4. How old do I have to be to be coached?
We will coach clients of any age. Anyone under the age of 18 will need parental consent.

5. What disciplines do you coach?
We have coaches in all cycling disciplines including Mountain Bike, Road, Time Trial, Track, and Cyclocross, as well as Running, Swimming, and Multisport. We would be happy to match you up with a coach who meets your specific needs.

Indoor Training/ RealDeal Performance

1. What is RealDeal Performance?
RealDeal Performance is an indoor computrainer studio where clients can come ride and get experienced coaching and the best training experience possible!

What is a Computrainer? The Computrainer system is stationary indoor trainer that holds you and your bike as you ride it. It is a precision ergometer measuring wattage, heart rate, and cadence. It enables the cyclist to become stronger and more efficient, improve power and speed, and learn how to properly train to improve performance, technique, and fitness.

2. Where is it?
We currently have five locations across the GTA:

  • RDP at Gears Bike Shop in Leaside
  • RDP at RPM Total Fitness in the Junction
  • RDP at Bliss in Barrie
  • RDP Ajax
  • RDP at SpinKicks Cycle & Fitness in Vaughan

  • We are always expanding so check back for a location opening near you!

    3. How much do classes cost?
    Classes individually cost $30 but we encourage clients to look at our monthly packages to get the most for their money!
    Monthly packages and drop in prices are all available HERE

    **These are 90-minute instructor-led sessions

    4. When are the classes?
    Mainly mornings and evenings but we have classes all throughout the day! We even have classes at 5:30am and 7:00am at Gears so you can get it done in the morning before work! Evening is also a prime time, continue your successful day and come train with us at night!

    Check the RDP Schedule for available classes!

    5. Will I need my bike?
    Yes, you will! We encourage clients to have a proper bike fit and get used to training on their own equipment. You will also need a trainer-specific skewer

    What is a skewer? A quick release skewer is a mechanism for attaching a wheel to a bicycle. It consists of a rod threaded on one end and with a lever operated cam assembly on the other. The rod is inserted into the hollow axle of the wheel, a nut is threaded on, and the lever is closed to tighten the cam and secure the wheel to the fork. There are skewers designed for indoor trainers and everyone will need to have there own for use on the Computrainers at RealDeal Performance.

    6. Do I have to be a really strong rider to participate?
    Not at all! The beauty of working in the training studio is that everyone can push the speed, intensity, and power that they are capable of while getting the instruction, motivation, and help they need from the instructors guiding the class! We also offer all sorts of classes that cater to everyone.

    7. I'd rather train one-on-one or with my friends, can I do that?
    Of course! We offer private one-on-one or private group sessions of up to 10 riders for $200. These are 90-minute sessions led by a certified RealDeal coach

    Personal Training

    1. What is personal training?
    One-on-one training is our favorite type of coaching! You get the most out of your time by working with an expert coach who gives you live, detailed feedback on your workouts as they do the workout alongside you. This can be in home or outside. It's a chance to really get to know your coach and for them to really get to know you, your goals, lifestyle, and what works best for you!

    2. How much does it cost?
    Personal Training costs $100 per hour but is reduced when you are signed up for any coaching package with RealDeal

    Training Camps

    1. I am interested in going on a training camp, what do I need to know?
    We have different camps for different things. The early season camps are focused on endurance and volume. The camps/trips are very social, fun, and open to any rider of any level. If you have further questions, feel free to contact Mike at!

    2. What is the difference between a Training Camp and a Cycling Trip?
    We offer training camps and cycling trips. A camp is structured training, while a trip is hitting a beautiful destination and looking for the best climbs in the area while riding at a slow to moderate pace.

    3. How much will it cost?
    Our camps vary in price depending on the location:

    RealDeal clients and MGCC members receive a discounted price upon sign up!

    4. Will there be people there at my skill level?
    Absolutely! We all have this same thought and everyone feels like they are behind! We are confident that there will be a group at just your skill level. There is always a wide range of riders at all skill and fitness levels.

    5. What sort of coaching will be included?
    We include daily guidance and a structured itinerary. Coaches are actually out on the rides with you both on the bike and in the follow car. They are available to answer questions, comment on technique, and push and motivate you along the way!