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We have a new team site for 2013

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Sean Boileau - Heck of the North Champion 2013

RealDeal/Gears p/b Fieldgate Team Site


2012 Results

Ed with Kevin Winters of Specialized after winning the Centurion

Ed Veal 2012 Ontario Cup Champion

Ken Ng 2nd Georgian 200

Ed Veal 1st - Bike the Bruce TT

David Jack 2nd Master 1 - Bike the Bruce TT

Ed Veal 2nd, Tim Burton 4th Queen City Criterium

Rob Nishman 1st M2 - Bike the Bruce TT

Ed Veal 2nd Hell at the Horseshoe

Ken Ng 1st and Ed Veal 3rd Preston St

Nick DiCristafaro 2nd KW Classic

Catherine Dessureault 1st Charlevoix time trial

Ed Veal 2nd at Mississippi Mills O-Cup

Ed Veal Wins the Dandelion GP

Anthony Walsh 1st place Niagara Classic.  Ed Veal 3rd

Catherine Dessureault - 1st Place Calabogie O-cup #2

Evelyne Boulin 2nd - Julia Bradley 3rd

Julia Bradley - 1st GFRR Elite women

Sean Boileau - 1st GFRR s3 Men

Leigh Hobson - 3rd Paris Ancaster


2011 Results

Our team was all over the podium in 2011 but here are the winners

Tim Burton - 1st Good Friday RR - S3

Mike Mandel - 1st Springbank - M2

Tim Burton - 1st Springbank - S3

Nick Dicristafaro - 1st Bike the Bruce - S4

Mike Mandel - 1st Bike the Bruce - M2

Tim Burton - 1st - Nith River RR - S3

Paul Rea - 1st - Windsor O-cup - M3

Tim Burton

Nick DiCristafaro