We are heading back to beautiful Brevard, North Carolina to train for the upcoming season. Come enjoy the Blue Ridge Parkway with us!

March 10th to 17th, 2018


A few words from Coach Ed Veal

We have put on numerous camps in the Brevard N.C area with lots of success over the years and we are excited to bring another group down with us this spring. Brevard is actually where I took my first group way back in 2009. I really hope you can come meet some new people, enjoy the camaraderie, get in some great riding but most of all have a ton of fun with us this year

It has been requested that we hold this camp over the March Break. The camp dates are March 10th to 17th. That means we would travel south to North Carolina on Friday night after work on March 9th, or leave early on Saturday March 10th. The drive takes about 14 hours depending where you are in the GTA. Add in gas stops and pee breaks and you are looking at around 16 hours. 7am departure on Saturday has you arriving at 11pm. 

Our first night of shared accommodations will be on the 10th. My plan is to drive down on Friday after work and stay at a hotel part way. That way we can get in a short ride in the late afternoon/evening on Saturday.  Sunday at 11am the first official ride of the camp. The late start will give us a chance to build our bikes, go over the route, ride etiquette and every passing minute it should warm up a bit. Most days we will head out around 10am depending on the length of the ride and how cold it is. I have been down there when it is 15 degrees everyday and I have been down there when it is 6-8 degrees. We are chasing great weather and unbelievable riding terrain and N.C provides both but no matter the forecast, always expect a rain day. (If you would like to fly and rent a car there is an airport close by in Asheville). Our last night of accommodations is Saturday March 17th. We can get in one last big ride, enjoy a good meal, a few drinks to celebrate all the good times we enjoyed together then off to bed so we can head out early for our long travel day on Sunday morning.  



The cost for this camp is $900 CND.

This includes all of the event organization, tour guide services, sag wagon support, pre-ride instruction, mid-ride coaching and post- ride debrief. It also includes 8 nights accommodation. Accommodation options will be either a large luxury home that sleeps 8-12 people or the Hampton Inn or Holiday in Express sharing a room with another rider. Depending on interest we can rent a second house in the area. Once all the beds are spoken for we can direct any last minute riders to the hotel option. Ideally I'd like 12-16 people attending and I'm putting the cap at 20 riders. We have had over 25 join us once in the past (Hate turning anyone away) and it was a bit much to co-ordinate. We are targeting the Brevard area but Cashiers and Saphire are also excellent options for accommodations. 

The riding in this area is absolutely incredible. The Blue Ridge Parkway is like a provincial park on a mountain range. There are scenic views every where. We will do some skills and drills clinics with a big focus on sprinting and descending. These are two of my favorite things on a bike and I would love to share some tips and answer all your questions. We will make sure to hit the Ceasers head climb as it truly is one of the best climbs I have ever done. There will be a lot of climbing. The area is full of epic terrain. For those of you worried about the speed of things, we will make sure it is very inclusive. We will ride easily together to start the day and then once we are at our destination we will break off as individuals or groups and add in some intensity. There are many Strava segments in the area and we can have a lot of fun seeing where we rank with all the Canadians who have visited the area over the years. I believe I still have a few good ones including the Ceasers head decent :)

As far as distance or total hours goes we will try our best to make sure every gets what they need. Regularly I will ride for a few hours with the group, return back to the house make sure everyone is good and then sneak in a few more kilometers. We will do our best to have ride options where people can cut out early or add more in if needed. (We will have a car close by for any emergency's)  

I know you will want to see some pictures of the house. I can assure you everything we have looked at is beautiful and high end. We will not be roughing it in anyway. Everything I am interested in will have a large common area, big kitchen, multiple bathrooms, lots of parking, a place for our bikes, laundry and I really want a hot tub :)

I am looking for an expression of interest from all interested so I am comfortable pulling the trigger on the house. Please let me know how this sounds and if you can join us. Once I get a few confirmations I will secure the house immediately. I spoke to a few people about the homes we are looking at and pricing and I know I have 4 people outside of Amanda and myself for sure. This camp is open to everyone, all levels and abilities. It is a road camp so unfortunately, no Hybrids, CX or MTB's on this one.  

Along with your expression of interest please forward on any questions you may have. 


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