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One-on-one personal training


We offer one-on-one training on and off the bike and can do many bike specific workouts to help you in your quest to be your best.  If it is fitness you are chasing, bike handling improvement, or race tactics and knowledge we can help!


We offer hourly sessions and coaching packages to suit everyone.

For more information on one-on-one training or to simply see what it is like, watch these videos of RealDeal coach Ed Veal working with:

What you might not know is on top of being an accomplished cyclist and cycling coach, Ed is also a certified personal trainer.  We can train and guide you in your quest to be an amazing bike rider but we also provide one-on-one training for strength, weight loss, and general fitness. We do this in home or with you outside in the sun!

Email one of our cycling coaches to book an appointment today!


 1 hour session is $100 per hour or 10 sessions for $850

Team Canada XC cyclist Mikaela "Fudge" Kofman training with RealDeal coach Ed Veal