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RealDeal CX Classic

Wrap up the season in style!

Thank you to everyone who came out to race the cold, slippery, fun conditions! It was a pleasure to organize and a pleasure to watch! See you next year!


Elite Men
1st - Peter Glassford
2nd - Jared Stafford
3rd - Jon Slaughter

Elite Women
1st - Amanda Sin

Master 1
1st - Tristan Smit
2nd - Mark Brusso

Full Results Here -- RealDeal CX Classic



Saturday Nov 9th 2013 at Horseshoe Resort

We are holding a CX race at beautiful Horseshoe resort on Saturday Nov 9th.  The course is amazing as we will have some exciting features. We have access to some of Horseshoe's down hill course so you can expect some berms and a jump or two PLUS a few barriers and an amazing run up. Oh and of course a beer garden!

  • Open to riders of all skill levels
  • Participants in the series must have an OCA permit
  • Bikes can be either Cyclocross specific or Cross Country MTB. They must be in good working order and participants are required to wear helmets at all times. We welcome all MTB's - Hardtail, full suspension, CCM, Rusty or the color pink!
  • Great prizes for winners of each category


    Contact us at to receive a promo code for 25% off your stay at Horseshoe Resort for the race!


    The second part of this event is our year end party!  We will be holding an end of season bash to celebrate another incredible cycling season. This is something we enjoy as much as racing and this weekend will be perfect for it.  Come watch or race and then enjoy dinner and few beers together!  This is open to everyone so make an effort to come celebrate with us! Even if cyclocross isn't your thing, just come for the party!

    Check out the Facebook page HERE