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"We have enjoyed great success with our winter training camps for the past few years. We regret that for 2015 we will be unable to properly schedule the appropriate number or coaches and support staff to make the camps safe, enjoyable  cycling experiences.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and hope to have our training camps back for 2016."

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Mike Mandel

North Carolina Training Camp 2015

Postponed until 2016

9 day cycling trip with RealDeal coaches in beautiful Brevard N.C.


Every year we take a great group of people down to N.C to train in the mountains. Last years camp was one of the highlights of the entire season.  After doing a dozen or so camps in the N.C area we have decided Brevard is the best place to hold the RealDeal camp.  The Blue Ridge Parkway is incredible and there is nothing like being only a short ride away from George Hincapie's favorite climb in the world - Ceaser's head! Please email us for more info at




March 15th - 24th

Travel down on Friday the 15th and then we hit the hills Saturday morning (10am) The goal is to get a solid week of training in and then get back home to race the Good Friday Road Race (O-cup #1) on Friday March 29th.  We would drive home on Sunday the 24th and you would be home around midnight.

Includes shared accommodations the the Holiday Inn express in Brevard.  This is a really nice spot.  Breakfast is included everyday and the rooms have a microwave and mini fridge.  Best part is the hotel is right at the base of the Blue Ridge parkway.



This is the 4th year we have put on a camp down in N.C and this year we be the best yet!

We will be staying at the Holiday Inn Express in Brevard North Carolina. This is the perfect location right in the heart of some of the best riding in North America.

Every ride is lead by an experienced rider who knows the area very well. We will be riding all the big climbs in the area and looking to ride 22-30 hours while away.

All levels are welcome.




Nothing is got without pain except dirt and long nails - English proverb

"We have endured quite a bit of pain so far this week!  A few days of 7000 ft of climbing will challenge your will and your pain threshold for sure
We have quite the group of us down here in Brevard N.C this year for my March training camp.  10 great guys decided to make the trip and test their fitness in the mountains. Everyone here is happy and full of life and their smiles are from ear to ear every day.  We meet for breakfast down in the hotel and then head out at 10am every morning and get in roughly between 3-5hours of solid ride time everyday.  The weather has been amazing too!  15+ degrees everyday so far and the sun is out in full force. We have worked on some structured group riding, pace line and holding a nice even tempo and we have for sure played a bit sprinting for the town limit signs ( not gonna lie...I've won a few)  Today was a rest day and we rode for an hour and twenty mins before heading to the local coffee shop for lunch.  The plan for tomorrow is a team time trial.  We will practice working as a group trying to hold the highest possible pace the group can hold with out dropping anyone and then the plan is to split into 2 teams and battle it out to see which team can work together the best for 40 kms. If any of this sounds good to you and you would like to join us in the future please contact me.  If you have any questions about coaching or training please fire away. Please make sure to pass this on to your friends and family because everyone is welcome and the more the merrier!" - Ed Veal - RealDeal Coach
I would like nothing more than to have you down with us next time!
Here are some pics...more to come!