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  "Two-and-a-half years ago I started an individualized training program with Ed Veal and RealDeal Coaching.  I was very overweight, under trained, and I read too much about cycling. Ed showed me how to focus, how to push myself, and how to gauge my opponents. Six months after starting with Real Deal Performance I won enough races and moved up to Elite.  Under Ed's wing with Real Deal, I changed from being a cycling enthusiast to an athlete.  You can too" - Tim Burton - Cat 1 road racer - 2012 Tour De Hans Winner and RealDeal Racing team rider  


Dan-H "Approximately two years ago I hired Ed to be my cycling coach.  That is the best decision that I have ever made with respect to cycling.  Ed is very passionate about coaching and he is great at sharing his insights and knowledge about riding and racing.  I strongly recommend Ed as a coach" - Dan Horchik - 2013 Percy Shropshire Memorial Road Race Champion and Morning Glory Cycling Club rider


IMG_1209-1-1024x805 "I have been a client of Ed Veal for six months now.  I can easily say that, at age 44, I am in the best cycling shape in my life.  I have been an enthusiastic cyclist for nearly 15 years but Ed has directed me to get to the next level.  The combination of his physically demanding and varied workouts, with his mental encouragement and guidance have enabled me to ride more consistently, ride stronger and achieve new levels of performance.  When you are feeling down or lacking confidence, Ed is there to put things in perspective and give you the encouragement you need.  When are feeling like a champ, he is there to celebrate with you.  Like all great coaches, he pushes you more than you think you can push yourself and will not let you give up on yourself.  My only regret is that I hadn't started with Real Deal Racing much earlier" - John Zufferli

 Joe Accardi

  TT "It's amazing how far I've come in a short time. Ed has kept me motivated and focused. I have really noticed how much stronger I'm riding. People say you can read a book and coach yourself, but that does not compare to having someone tailor a program for you, and hold you accountable. The Real Deal System made me a believer" - Joe Accardi

Erich Baumhard

  Erich-682x1024 "Whether it's in Work, Training, Family, Racing, or Life, I draw much of my motivation and inspiration from the guys at Real Deal. The passion they have is infectious. It shows in everything they do. If you have a goal or a dream, go to Real Deal, and you will not only reach that goal, or live in that dream, but you will become a part of something special that money cannot buy." - Erich Baumhard - Elite MTB

Rol Miller

  BH1rK9XCQAM1Xpz "It isn't new wheels. Or carbon fibre handlebars. Or powder you put in your bottles. Cycling success --whatever form that is for you-- is about hard work, dedication and intelligent application of one's self to training, recovery, and application of the tactics most likely to get you performing to your best. And that is what RealDeal delivers. RealDeal has me racing 40 KM time trials faster than I was 25, and placing in the top 15 at Master's Nationals in 2012 and 2013, after getting dropped in 2011 from the main field. Sure I do the training: but a guiding voice on how to prepare for cycling is the BEST money I spend every season." - Rolston Miller - Co-Founder Toronto Sport & Social Club and Morning Glory Cycling Club rider

Jaime List

  Untitled4 "At any point in time, a coach is an alarm clock, the voice in your head, motivational speaker, strategist, tactician, and planner. However, these are the simple tasks; the basics. What Ed and the RealDeal team bring beyond the above is a supportive and reassuring dedication to my objectives. My workouts are more focused, my output is more developed, and I have made the move into M1 confidently. Ed took the time to understand what I wanted out of my biking season (both on and off the bike), collaborated with me to ensure that I reached those goals, and, most of all, challenged me when those goals seemed difficult to reach (or just plain painful)." - Jaime List - Morning Glory Cycling Club rider