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October 12, 20151 day ago

RealDeal Coaching - Happy Thanksgiving!

We are very thankful for having all of you in our life. Happy Thanksgiving!
October 6, 20157 days ago

New indoor cycling facility in Markham

JoyRide 3

  JoyRide150 isn't new but the new power based training studio inside is!!  RealDeal is partnering up with JoyRide150 to bring you the best of both worlds. Build your aerobic engine AND improve all your bike handling skills. We will have programming for EVERYONE, even the little ones. Get the results you crave by training with the best. Plan to be there indoors with us this off-season. Grand opening announcement coming soon!
September 22, 201521 days ago

Trevor O'Donnell - Dirt Squirrel Champ

Trevor RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam's Trevor O'Donnell wins the first CX O-cup of 2015!
September 18, 201525 days ago

Bill Harlow - Whistler Gran Fondo

Bill Harlow   We would like to congratulate RealDeal coaching client Bill Harlow on absolutely smashing a new PB at his "A" priority event his year - The Whistler Gran Fondo.  Bill has been extremely dedicated to improving his technique and has made some serious power gains in only 5 months working with coach Ed Veal.  We look forward to many more amazing pics like this in the future Bill.  We are proud to have you representing RealDeal!
September 11, 20151 month ago

TNTT is still going strong

So happy to see another full parking lot last night. This series has really grown this year and we can't thank you enough. Perfect September weather had us starting at 7pm but next week we are going to start things 15mins earlier. First rider will go off at 6:45

1. Ed Veal 19:03

2. Jon Maloney 20:21  PB

3. Victor Cellarious 21:22

4. Vadim Kats 21:53  PB

5. Bill Ross 22:42

6. Mark Ledo 22:59

7. Enouch Tse 23:02

8. Liz Grootenboer  24:27

9. Ben Baker 25:23 

10. Natalie Ceccalo 25:35

11. Gregory Seganfreddo 26:43  EM PB

12. Luca Ceccato 27:44  PB

13. Scott McMann  29:01

14. Stefano Seganfreddo 31:45

15. Emanuel Seganfreddo 32:11  PB

16. Rich Vanderwal 32:14

September 10, 20151 month ago

4X Ontario Cup Champion Ed Veal

Congratulations to RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam's Ed Veal on winning the elite men's road Ontario Cup trophy for the 4th time in 2015. Ed has won this trophy previously in 2010, 2011 and 2013.  He now joins only one other rider in Ontario cycling history to have won this prestigious trophy 4 times.  Congrats Ed!  You truly live up to your nick name "The Real Deal"