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November 12, 201515 days ago

RealDeal California Training Camp - Jan 22nd 2016

We are getting really excited about this trip. More interest than ever before. Come ride with us in beautiful Encinitas California. Take on Mt Palomar. This camp caters to all levels. This is a training camp for some, cycling trip for others. We will leave every morning together towards our destination and then split off into separate groups once we hit the climbs.  This way everyone can get what they need. Please join us as we promise this to be an experience you will never forget. Group discounts available on flights out of Toronto  - BOOK NOW ONLY $650
November 9, 201518 days ago

Trevor O'Donnell leads Ontario Cup CX series

Trevor O'Donnell is once again leading the elite men's CX series Ontario Cup standings after 7 grueling events.  This first year elite rider continues to progress and is having quite the break out season. Keep up the great work! We can't wait to see what comes next
November 3, 201524 days ago

Unlimited indoor training - Only $249

Ride with us 7 days a week as much as you can handle during regular business hours for only $249 a month!  This includes all of our expert instructor led sessions on the evenings and weekends. It also includes our weekly TT series on Thursday nights. Sign up and friend and save $50 per month. That's right...  sign up a friend and your membership is ONLY $199 per month. Contact right away to get started.
October 22, 20151 month ago


Join us for the 15km TNTT at our new indoor training studio in Markham located inside JoyRide150 bike Park.  We have 1 spot left at 7pm and 4 available at 8pm. All are welcome to attend. Please email to reserve your spot NOW!
October 18, 20151 month ago

RealDeal Markham @JoyRide150 Indoor Bike Park

Our new training studio is built and ready for....YOU!!  That's right, we want you riding indoors with us this off-season. You will be so surprised to find out how fun and social riding indoors with others at RealDeal Markham can be. Get fit and enjoy getting fit with others. There is way more to riding indoors than just training with power. We teach you everything there is to know about training and the sport of cycling and we do it in an interactive class room environment. We offer expert instruction but we also want to offer the best possible value for this service. This season we are changing things up and adding more value and taking $100 off the price. THE UNLIMITED PACKAGE.  That's right.... ride as much as you want for the low price of $249 a month. This package includes Unlimited instructor led sessions AND Unlimited drop in sessions during regular business hours. Come train on your schedule when ever you like and then add in a little or a lot of instruction when it fits your weekly routine. Best part is you can bring the kids with you. Train with us and the other parents as your kids have a blast enjoining JoyRide150 and everything the indoor bike park has to offer (The pump tracks, jumps, XC course and foam pit just to name a few attractions)  Start planning your off season with us NOW! . Book a free trial 1 hour indoor session today Just email and mention this news feed.
October 12, 20151 month ago

RealDeal Coaching - Happy Thanksgiving!

We are very thankful for having all of you in our life. Happy Thanksgiving!