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August 19, 201420 hours ago

TNTT Club Championship Photos!

Have you had a chance to check out all the amazing, professional photos that Brendan Smyth of Westside Studio took at the RealDeal/ MGCC Thursday Night Time Trial Championships?

Brendan captured almost 400 stunning pictures of riders and staff throughout the night of racing. You can view all the photos and results online here!

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August 11, 20148 days ago

Tour of Muskoka

The Tour of Muskoka is 2 weeks away! The Ontario Cup weekend features 2 fantastic races including the Brunel Time Trial presented by RealDeal Racing and the Lake of Bays Road Race presented by Wheels of Bloor.

This weekend of Ontario racing is a jewel on the Ontario cycling calendar and promises to be a fantastic weekend of racing for all levels and abilities!

Register online here!
August 7, 201412 days ago

Athlete Spotlight

In this week's Athlete Spotlight we have RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam elite cyclist Christopher Bozek!

Chris is another new addition to the RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam team this year as he trained hard with the RealDeal and Morning Glory crew in the RealDeal Performance studios all winter preparing for Elite 3 and a quick switch up to Elite 1/2. Unfortunately his season was hindered with a crash at the Good Friday road race that led to a broken wrist and many more weeks inside on the trainer. Throughout it all Chris has kept his training going and has hit the late season races with ferocity working with his teammates to put our colours on the podium.

Chris grew up in small-town Ontario, Sarnia, right at the foot of Lake Huron. Growing up, he was involved in all sorts of sport events in high school, but mostly as a volunteer. His time during the school year was mostly spent on student council, sea cadets, and a part-time job; in the summer, he would add sailing to the mix. Post-secondary, Chris went on to study mathematics and business at university, splitting his time between the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University (respectively), for the next 5 years.

"Admittedly, I spent more time in lecture halls and libraries than I did outside for a long time!"

Although Chris is a naturally competitive person, he says he didn’t catch ‘the itch’ to compete in sport until a bit later in life. He picked up a commuter bicycle shortly after moving to Toronto, and for a challenge did the Ride to Conquer Cancer (100 mi) on it. From there the next step was a road bike, then joining a club; once in a club, sprinting for town signs and racing up the hills led the way to organized racing, and he's been going strong ever since.

1) What do you like to do when you're not training/racing?
You mean there's time leftover from training / racing? I work in an office, so when I'm not on my bike I try to get outside as much as possible. I really enjoy spending time in my neighbourhood, walking Toronto's ravine network and trails, and heading down to Ashbridges Bay & the Leslie spit - great places that make you feel like you're far away from a bustling city, even though they're right in its backyard.

2) You've had a really unlucky season so far! How have you kept your motivation and dedication?
Initially, it was a very frustrating experience - to have worked hard over the winter and setting high goals - only to miss much of the OCup season. However, I realized that injury, and recovering from injury, is all part of being an athlete. For me, staying motivated meant coming up with a new plan for this season, and recalibrating some of my goals into next season - I needed something to look forward to that would prevent me from looking back.

3) What is the best race you've ever done?
The 2013 Tour de Waterloo, although not my 'best race' in terms of absolute performance, was a real eye-opener for me last year. I hadn't really dedicated myself to a hard training plan until last year's OCup season was well underway, so although I had a 'pretty good' OCup season, it wasn't until Tour de Waterloo that I really started to see my hard work pay off. I remember never feeling relaxed during the whole race and pedaling hard just to hang in; at the end of the day, I finished 26th and the average pace for the 130km was 40.4km/h! It was a really eye opening experience to see how much I had improved over the season and left me feeling excited to do more racing, because I knew it was only the beginning.

4) What is the key to balancing work and training?
I work on a trading floor, so the environment is relatively high stress and the hours aren't particularly short; for me, cycling is what helps me balance that. Going on a hard ride, especially in the morning, always puts me in a great mood to start my workday. The tougher balance to maintain is the work / training / personal-life one! After a few years of trying different things, for me it's come down to prioritization and organization: I try to ride in the morning, so if something happens during the day I have my workout out of the way; and I try to stay on top of things like cooking in advance and bringing lunches to eat healthy.

5) What draws you to cycling?
As a sport, cycling has many different faces. Racing as a team is important, but it's still very individual endeavor, and the payoff between training hard and performing is fairly clear-cut. It's a great way to meet new people, and the combination of camaraderie & competition is unparalleled.

6) What would you say is your greatest strength on the bike? Why?
I'm a power-to-weight kind of guy, so I really excel on long, steep climbs where the sprinter-types can't just power over the top and bomb the down-leg. That said, we don't have much of that in Ontario, so I've been trying to focus this year on racing smarter in addition to racing harder.

7) What do you think you bring to the team?
Every team has a mix of personality types, goals, etc, but I like to think that my biggest 'give' to the team is my enthusiasm; I really, genuinely, get excited about racing with the team and being part of the effort to put our jerseys on the podium.

8) Who is your sport hero? Why?
Funny enough, I don't really have one. I think there are plenty of inspirational figures and stories out there, but my motivation is driven by just me.

9) What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?
I'm heading to the Green Mountain Stage Race over the Labour Day long weekend; it'll be my first ever stage race, so I'm really excited about that.

10) Tell us about your fondest memory on the bike.
Although a very, very recent event, I think one of my top moments has to be a ride I did with my teammate Grahame Rivers, MGCC (and RDP instructor) friend Jeff Sykes, and a few others to Tweed, ON (from Toronto) just the other week. The ride was 235km and we kept a hot pace for much of the day; it was a real accomplishment, and a beer with my friends at the end of a hard day felt great.

July 31, 201419 days ago

Athlete Spotlight!

In this week's Athlete Spotlight we have RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam elite cyclist Dr. Larbi Benhabib!

Larbi is a 2014 addition to the RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam team with a demonstration of power and drive at his tryout that blew away coaches and captains. With high performance early season and a rough mid-season following a crash at the Forest City velodrome in London, Larbi is eager to move into elite 1/2 with his teammates whom he has bonded and raced with at Canadian National Championships and throughout the season at the RealDeal/MGCC Thursday Night Time Trial.

Larbi bought his first road bike in 2003 when he joined the triathlon club as an undergrad at Queen's University. He raced everything from Sprint to Ironman distance events, and was fortunate enough to qualify and race the World Championships in Kona in 2009 and 2013! Over the years Larbi has raced a handful of cycling races, but this is the first year that he has dedicated his race season to cycling only.

Larbi graduated from Queen's in 2005 with a degree in Biomedical Computing before heading off to the University of Toronto in Med School. In 2009 he returned to Queen's to complete his residency which he finished in the summer of 2012. Larbi has since been working as an Emergency Physician at Grand River Hospital and St Mary's Hospital in Kitchener. This spring he began working part-time at Toronto East General Hospital.

1) What do you like to do when you're not training/racing?
I enjoy my down time as much as the next guy.
I like to grab dinner or drinks with friends or go see a concert.
In the winter I've come to love cross-country skiing, and in the offseason I still enjoy running and swimming.

I try to travel whenever I score some time off, however for the sake of efficiency, many of my trips have been for Medical Conferences or training camps/races.

2) How do you manage to balance a busy work life with a full training program?
For me it's a matter of prioritizing what important in your life and making time for that first.
I think as an amateur with a full-time job, you need to know how plan your training program in an efficient way. For me I've learned that if I'm smart about how I plan my workouts, I can hit my fitness goals without having to obsess over training volume.

I think it also helps to step back and put cycling in perspective.
Despite my love for cycling, I realize that it's just a hobby and not going to make or break who I am.

3) What has been the best part of the season so far?
To be honest, it's been a rough season for me.
For a variety of reasons my races so far have not panned out.
I'm anxious for the day when I'm finally able to put everything together and race to my potential.
Having said that, I had a great time bonding with other members of the team at Nationals in Quebec.
That's been the highlight for me so far.

4) What are your long-term goals in sport?
Obviously I want to win some races but also crush some dreams.

5) What draws you to cycling?
I like how personal cycling is.
Cycling is a combat scenario that happens in real time.
I love how riders have the power to shape one another's race.
If I ride hard, I know I can make other's legs hurt. (You're welcome).
That's awesome.

The dynamics of cycling are also fascinating to me.
There are so many factors at play here: race length, elevation profile, wind/weather, field size/strength etc. I used to line up at the starting line with a race plan, but have since learned that the dynamics can be so complicated that you need to be fluid and read the field on race day.

6) What would you say is your greatest strength on the bike? Why?
Well, at the beginning of the season I would have said my time-trialling ability.
However, recently I've discovered my ability to recover quickly between multiple attacks.
Perhaps I'll put this to the test sometime in the near future...

7) What do you think you bring to the team?
I like to ride hard and attack often. I have an aversion to "riding in the pack".
Often this can be to my own detriment, but in a team race scenario I'm more than happy to race/pull for others.
At the end of the day, if I'm stepping of the bike with sore legs, I'm happy guy.

On training rides, I can be just irritating enough to force others to attack me and ride harder.
Win-win situation :)

8) Who is your sport hero? Why?
I think it's a bit absurd for grown men to have heros.
I think it's tough not to admire the way someone like Jens Voigt approaches the sport, but I can't say I have any heros.

9) What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?
I'm looking forward to finally upgrading to from Elite 3 so I can race with the big boys.
The racing style of the Elite 3 / Juniors definitely does not suit my strengths.
I'd rather be forced to ride hard from the gun and suffer through my races.
Strongest man wins? Great.

10) Tell us about your fondest memory on the bike.
Fondest memory off the bike: Attending the 2005 Tour de France in person while backpacking through Europe.
Fondest memory on the bike: Cycling through South Africa in 2012 while on an elective trauma rotation in Cape Town.
Fondest race memory: 2010 Mt Washington Hillclimb for the first time with standard cranks. Wait a minute, that was awful.

July 24, 201426 days ago

Athlete Spotlight!

In this week's Athlete Spotlight we have RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam triathlete Andrew Imrie!

Andrew is another new addition to the RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam team this year with the addition of several talented multisport athletes. Andrew can always be counted on for a great attitude, big smiles, and encouragement for his fellow teammates as he trains and competes taking multiple podiums this year in multiple disciplines.

Andrew grew up as a competitive swimmer, swam through high school and varsity at Queens University. He ran in high school and after university. He started triathlon in 2003 mostly to stay in shape and it wasn't until 2010 that he had a breakthrough, winning his first race overall and going on to race elite in 2012. He is now back to racing by age group as life has proved too busy to compete with guys who train full-time. When not training for three sports, Andrew is a Chartered Professional Accountant working for Cineplex Entertainment.

1) What do you like to do when you're not training/racing?
Eat and sleep. Planning trips. Math. Math is hard.

2) What is your favorite cheat food?
If the furnace is hot enough it will burn anything.

3) How do you motivate yourself to push when you're having a bad day?
Remember that it’s not one great day or one bad day that defines your season, it’s the relentless pursuit of excellence – doing the best you can, day in and day out. Sometimes being tough is having the courage and confidence in yourself to back off on a day when you just don’t have it to save yourself for the next day.

4) What goes through your head when you're racing?
Look at all the free snacks!

5) What draws you to the sport of triathlon?
Putting the puzzle together – how to pace each segment of the race to be in the mix for the win.

6) What would you say is your greatest strength in triathlon? Why?
Being mentally tougher than other competitors. Or being crazier.

7) What do you think you bring to the team?
Experience! I’ve made a lot of mistakes over the years in both training and racing, but learned from each of them and am a better athlete today because of that. And math skills. I own a lot of calculators.

8) Who is your sport hero? Why?
Triathlon is booming in Canada and that can be directly tied back to Simon Whitfield. Not only did he win the first men’s Olympic gold in the sport in 2000, he was a great advocate for the sport, the Kids of Steel series in Ontario, and promoting the relentless pursuit of excellence – what are you doing today that is going to help you achieve your goals?

9) What are you looking forward to most this upcoming season?
Sharing in the camaraderie of the team – triathlon prides itself on being an individual sport, but it really does take a village to be successful. My season highlight so far was seeing seven RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam athletes running in sequence at the Guelph Lake race in June, cheering each other on and flying team colours at the Ontario team championships**.

**The RealDeal/Gears p/b WASPcam team placed 3rd in Division II at Ontario Triathlon Club Championships!

10) Tell us about your fondest memory on the bike.
The last mile of the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii having the race of my life. Then being rewarded with 2L of IV fluids in the medical tent.

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July 23, 201427 days ago


Time to make plans to attend the 2nd Annual MGCC Individual Time Trial Championship + Social presented by RealDeal Performance!

  • See how deep you can go in a 15 km race of truth!

  • Test yourself... Cheer on your teammates... Taunt people wearing skinsuits...

  • This is a great opportunity to measure your fitness with the coaches of RealDeal Performance in a fun and friendly event.

  • Bixi bikes are welcome but will be put in the Eddy Merckx category.

  • Gold, silver and Bronze medals will be given to top 3 finishers in 4 categories - Male/Female Eddy Merckx (traditional bike) and Male/Female Open

  • Awards to be given out at a special Pub Night at Kelsey's (Elgin Mills and Woodbine).

  • $10 Entry Fee

  • Pre-register by emailing your first and last name, gender, category, and expected time for 15 km TT.

  • Registration is FREE for all riders registered with MGCC!

  • The event will be held on the MGCC/RealDeal TNTT course in Markham