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November 21, 20142 days ago

Julia Garnet

julia garnett Julia Garnet can be found at our RPM studio location. She’s originally from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan (say that 10 times fast!) and is now living in Toronto and a fulltime student at Ryerson University. She first started with triathlons and found that Cycling was more her thing. She has raced all over North America and Europe. She has raced all over North America and Europe with both the Canadian National Team and a team from Vancouver and this has fueled her travel bug to 100%. She wants to travel all over the world and what better way to see it then by bike. She was a two-time National Junior Time Trail Champ in 2009 and 2010 and has gone to Worlds twice. She has helped coach and manage the Provincial youth cycling team in Saskatchewan for a couple of years and has taken them to the Canada Summer Games in 2013. She wants to get more women and youth into the sport. She likes travel, photography, dogs, her dog and cooking. Favourites: Food on bike: Fruit or waffles, can’t go wrong with a sandwich of waffles Cheat Food: The best burger and beer that Toronto has to offer. Bike: Anything fast Music while riding: Any thing with a beat Place to ride: Going fast down a hill/mountain – she only goes up so she can go down
November 20, 20143 days ago

'Building Partnerships for a More Bike Friendly Region'

ed1 ed2ed3ed4ed6 Amazing turn out at the York Bike Summit yesterday where many amazing minds came together to collaborate on sharing the road - discussing road safety, how to encourage more communities to get active, and how to make cycling better, together. Ed Veal was able to discuss this wonderful sport and everything it has added to his life at such a great event. Find out more at
November 19, 20144 days ago

Anabel Meade


Anabel Meade goes by Anabel but those who ride with her have nicknamed her ‘Velcro-girl’. If it looks like she’s about to get dropped, she will work really hard to latch onto your back wheel and hold on for dear life!

Her love for cycling began as a young girl. Her favourite bike was her brother’s hand-me-down, bright yellow ccm 10 speed. It was her first road bike, she loved the thrill of the speed and the freedom she felt while cycling. She also soon discovered that lots of boys like bikes too. It was a no brainer, she was hooked.

Fast forward – to a husband, career and 3 children later she rediscovered her love for cycling 8 years ago. Her kids were at an age where she could leave them for a couple of hours at a time. So she bought a road bike and joined a cycling club and woohoo!

For her cycling is about 3 things: 1) the people – she has met the most amazing people through cycling. She love, love, loves club and group rides. She loves the comraderie. 2) The physical challenge – she really enjoys the work out, on and off season. She is also a bit of a data junkie! 3) The adventure – she loves discovering new routes, country rides and the occasional race as a ‘serious rider’.

Favourites: Cheat food – white wine and green tea ice cream Snack while riding – banana, dates, or fig newtons Workout music – nothing depressing please! Her music choices are pretty eclectic but it has to be loud, have a beat, and an attitude. 50 cent, Usher, AC/DC, Jay Z, Nicki Minaj, The Cure, The National just to name a few. Quote – “If it’s important to you, you’ll find a way. If its not, you’ll find an excuse.” #ComeRideWithUs

November 18, 20145 days ago

2014 Track Athlete Of The Year

Congratulations to Ed Veal, pictured with Road Athlete of the year Ryan Roth and Road Organizer of the year Bruce Bird - with his 2014 Track Athlete Of The Year award by the Ontario Cycling Association. Ed continues to show that hard work and dedication pays off! Please visit Pedal Mag for more photos of the event…/ — with Ryan Roth and Bruce Bird at Cardinal Golf Club.     ed track athlete
November 14, 20149 days ago

Aaron Hendricks

Aaron Hendricks can be found at our Barrie location.

He started cycling in 1984 and has been racing on and off for almost 28 years in Road, Crit, TT, MTB, and Cyclocross. He was top 5 in the USA for Time Trials and top 10 for road racing. He came from a running and swimming background but he found cycling to be much more fun and he was able to enjoy a lot more of the local areas on his bike. He’s also a certified personal trainer and was a pro MTB mechanic on the NORBA circuit in 1998 and 1999.

aaronHe likes to listen Linkink Park while on the bike and relax to Supertramp. His favourite foods are lasagne and dark chocolate #ComeRideWithUS
November 12, 201411 days ago

Hélène Barrette

Read this and tell me you aren’t inspired to jump on a bike! Hélène Barrette goes by “Helen”, not “Heleeen”, or “Elaine She’s a huge cycling fan who began as an armchair cyclist watching the Tour De France, then became “someone who rides a bike”, and finally joined the ranks of “cyclists” a couple of years ago. Her encouraging words are “Believe me: if I can do it, anyone can!” She loves to travel – the greater the adventure the better. If she can ride her bike, ski, hike, scuba dive or climb mountains (on wheels or two feet!) on a trip, it’s a great trip. If she can do any of those things while practicing a foreign language, eating exotic foods, and learning about other cultures, it’s an AMAZING trip. Riding her bike over some famous climbs of the Dolomites and the Alps in 2013 was a dream come true, and she plan on doing that again in the future. For non-racers like her, having a goal such as training for a challenging cycling trip is a wonderful motivator to get on the bike and get some miles into your legs. No need to go so far for beautiful rides, though: Muskoka, the Niagara wine region, the Collingwood area, and Milton and the Escarpment certainly serve up beautiful scenery, great roads, and challenging climbs. Time on the trainer is best spent in the company of good friends at Gears RDP. Failing that, listening to audiobooks is a good way to keep her brain from focusing on the pain. And the occasional loud rendition of “This Girl is on Fire!!!” never fails to make her pedal with more energy. Finally, her favourite quote, from Jim Whittaker (first American to summit Everest): "If you aren't living on the edge, you're taking up too much space. It has nothing to do with thrill-seeking. It's about making the most of every moment, about stretching your own boundaries, about being willing to learn constantly…” See you on the bike! #ComeRideWithUs helen