Dominic Pollard 1.jpg

Everything revolves around my bike; it is my Passion & mode of transportation.

From 2012 to 2014 I worked as a bike messenger in the busy streets of Toronto. It was exciting, until I got into a serious accident in September 2014.  My body was damaged, leaving me with 36 stitches and permanent nerve damage to my left side. I knew cycling was my passion, but this traumatic event filled me with hesitation and doubt. Slowly but surely, with the unconditional support and friendship from the cycling community, I was able to face adversity and get back on the bike.  I rediscovered the thrill by competing in reckless Alleycat races, but it was through winning The Triple Crown Series and the coming 2nd The MayDay Allycat in 2016 that I found notoriety.  

Great men live dangerously, small men don't take chances. 

Cycling is my life; I ride when I can, train to be the best, and compete when the opportunity arises.  I am enthusiastic and committed so it is an absolute honor to be apart of this legendary team