manda f headshot.jpg

Name: Manda Freyman

Currently Residing : HorseShoe Valley

Facebook : @mandafreyman

Strava : mandafreyman

Age: 42

Cycling Style : Mountain | Cross | Road Biking

BIO: I was raised in a small Northern Ontario mining community where most kids my age were boys. This meant quickly adapting to take on street sports and rugged behavior to fit in. I gladly picked up a baseball glove and a hockey stick to prove my prowess. This led to my proficiency as a multi sport athlete. I played Club Basketball, Volleyball and Soccer which eventually granted me an athletic scholarship at Kansas Missouri State. I knew at a young age that I liked speed and extreme action type sports which brought me to BMX & mountain biking, barefoot water skiing, climbing and kite / wake / snow / boarding. In 2011 I suffered extreme trauma to my right leg as a result of a car accident. I was told I wouldn’t be able to do most, if not all sports I’d grown to love. So, I decided to find a way to change that perception. I began biking more frequently as the strength training without the weight impact helped rehab my leg. As a result I started spending more time on the saddle and now excel at Mountain / Cross and Road Cycling. Achievements / Goals:

1993 - Graduating Class Female Athlete of The Year 1993 - 1997 KMSU Collegiate Athletic Scholarship Volleyball 1995 - KMSU MVP Women's Volleyball 1998 - Woman’s Amature Central Barefoot Water Ski Champion 2000 - Sudbury Women's Soccer Association Player of the year 2001 - Provincial Soccer Champions 2002 - Beach Brawl Womens Pairs 1st 2003 - Beach Brawl Womens Pairs 1st 2005 - Team MVP Women's Volleyball Northern Championships 2010 - On The Beach mixed 4’s League Volleyball Champs 2012 - Completed first 24hour MB race after accident 2013 - Yankee Spring Time Trial 3rd 2013 - Iceman Cometh Challenge 2nd Teams 2014 - Michigan Cup Endurance Race Series 2015 - Michigan Cup Endurance Race Series 2016 - Michigan Cup Endurance Race Series.