Sandra L headshot.jpg

NAME:  Sandra Lagler

HOMETOWN:  Tottenham, ON

AGE:  48

CYCLING STYLE:  still trying to figure that out – leaning towards Domestique….  

ACHIEVEMENT / GOALS:  Somewhat new to cycling, so just trying to become a better, stronger and faster cyclist.  Not really looking to race at this point but will definitely be out cycling as much as I can this year and hopefully participating in a few gran fondo type rides this year.

ABOUT:  a runner for many, many years. Took to mountain biking about 5 years ago and dabbled in road the last 2-3 years.  Love both mountain and road riding however, due to some knee issues, road riding is the least painful right now. Looking forward to the 2018 cycling season. 

INSTAGRAM:  s_lags70